Tips & FAQ's

Building Tips

Planning for weather

Allow at least four to six months to build your home. Why so many? The biggest factor is mother nature. If rain has delayed your building project, chances are that the sub-contractors working on your building project will be working on other sites as well. Once a delay occurs, it seems to have a domino effect on other parts of the project as well.

Customizing a house plan
If you plan to customize a floor plan, choose a houseplan that you can enlarge rather than one you wish to reduce. Reducing the square footage can affect the minimum clearance standards for halls, bathrooms and kitchens and can compromise the balance of the exterior design. Moving walls can adversely effect windows, columns, doors and the roof lines.
Combining floor plans
We are flexible and will work with you to customize your dream home. If you choose a floor plan, but prefer the front of a different plan, we can incorporate the two. We can change the front elevations on any of our homes and reverse our house plans to suit your needs.
Legal & General Reminders
You should always check for the legal set-backs and easements on your property. This will allow you to determine the maximum width and depth of your home. Before ordering your house plans we recommend that you check your local building codes. You may need to modify your house plans to comply with local building regulations, snow loads, seismic zones, energy codes, etc…
Before you place your plan order
You should order 8 to 10 sets of house plans for constructing your home. Why so many? One copy for you to keep, and at least one copy for your lender. Some areas of development require an architectural review of your plan before you can construct. A builder needs as many copies as you can give him/her. Each sub-contractor needs a working copy of the blueprints to prepare a bid and to complete the job. Sometimes the sub-contractor does not return the copy of the house plan when he finishes the job. Even when you begin picking out the floor coverings you need the measurements from the floor plan. This is one area that you should not try to cut cost, because the cost is minimal when you place your initial order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the design process normally take?

The design process varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. A good rule of thumb for custom plans is around 3 to 6 months for a custom plans and about 6-8 weeks for a modification.

What's included with my construction drawings?
  • Slab-on-grade Foundation Plan and Details
  • Floor Plan(s) with door and window schedules
  • all Exterior Elevations
  • Building Sections and Details
  • Cabinet Details
  • Electrical Plan(s)
  • Specifications

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